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What are the procedures for preparing coursework materials for despatch?

You should ensure that each coursework sample is clearly and securely labelled with your centre number, student’s name and candidate number, and the syllabus/component number. You should use the coursework identification labels provided. Separate coursework identification labels are provided for Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design coursework.

You should ensure that the CDs used to record oral or music coursework are appropriately packed and labelled. Separate CDs must be used for different components.

You should ensure that all coursework submitted to Cambridge for moderation is in plain thin covers. Bulky ring binders should not be included with the work sent for moderation as this makes handling of the work difficult and significantly increases your despatch costs.

You should avoid including materials of value or large, bulky or fragile items. You should include with the sample of coursework a full description of any materials that have been retained including, where appropriate, photographs taken from several angles. We cannot guarantee that the grade awarded on the basis of photographs alone will be the same as that which would have been given to the original had it been submitted.


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