ICT Starters: Modules General queries

Can individual modules be taken?

No, either the stage 1 modules or the full certificate at the appropriate level must be completed together.

How many modules do students have to take to gain the full qualification?

Each level of the scheme contains two stages, with an equal number of modules. All modules must be achieved at Stage 1 for Cambridge ICT Starters Stage 1 certificate and all modules must be achieved at both stages for a full certificate. At Initial Steps Level this means that three modules must be completed for a Stage 1 certificate and six modules must be completed for the full certificate. At Next Steps and On Track Level, four modules are required for the Stage 1 certificate, and eight modules for the full certificate respectively.

How many times can a candidate sit a module?

Candidates may resit a module if they fail. Under these circumstances, this single module can be entered to achieve their Stage 1 or full certificates.

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