What are the benefits of Cambridge Pre-U?

The benefits of Cambridge Pre-U can be outlined as follows:

  • Cambridge Pre-U will give candidates excellent preparation for university. It will unlock candidates' enthusiasm for their subject, help them become independent learners and give them an excellent grounding for their first year course.
  • Cambridge Pre-U frees teachers from a modular structure and lets them choose the pace and order of the curriculum.
  • Cambridge Pre-U's linear structure allows teachers more time to support candidates.
  • Cambridge Pre-U grades are pegged clearly to A Level grades. Cambridge Pre-U will offer a grade above A* at A Level.
  • Cambridge Pre-U is exciting to teach. We have designed each syllabus in partnership with teachers to make sure each subject enthuses teachers as well as candidates.
  • Cambridge Pre-U gives candidates a free choice of subjects, to give them as much flexibility as possible when preparing their university entry.
  • Cambridge Pre-U is an alternative to A Level, not a replacement. A Level has to cover a wide range of purposes – school-leaving certificate, qualification for employers, adult education. Cambridge Pre-U focuses on preparing candidates for university.
  • Students can take standalone Principal Subjects as an alternative to A Levels or standalone core as an alternative to General Studies and the extended project.
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