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What are the models of delivery for Cambridge Pre-U?

There are several models of delivery which schools could use to introduce Cambridge Pre-U into the curriculum. Schools can either introduce Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects as standalone qualifications, Global Perspectives and Research Report (GPR) as a standalone qualification, or a combination of Principal Subject(s) and GPR.

Cambridge Pre-U Standalone Subjects

  • Standalone Principal Subjects could be substituted for some A Levels
  • Standalone core GPR could be offered as an alternative to General Studies, Critical Thinking and an Extended Project
  • Standalone short courses for languages taken in place of AS Levels
  • Cambridge Pre-U taken in same subjects as well as A Levels.
  • Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects are used as an extension programme - i.e. A level is taught in years 11 and 12 and Pre-U taught in year 13

Cambridge Pre-U Diploma

  • A Diploma made up of three Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects plus GPR
  • Up to two A Levels may be substituted for Principal Subjects. So a Diploma could be made up of one Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subject, two A Levels, and GPR
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