Will candidates who use a scribe lose marks for spelling and grammar on 0522/01/02/03?

Paper 1 and 2: Centres can apply to use a scribe for these components. Although there are marks for writing on these papers, assessment objective W5 (make accurate use of spelling, punctuation and grammar) is not assessed.

Paper 3 (where W5 is assessed): Centres can only apply to use a scribe if the candidate is able to dictate all complex vocabulary and homophones letter by letter and all the punctuation. We allow 100 per cent extra time for this as well as the use of a dictaphone so that the candidate may answer the questions fluently and spell the words at the end using the extra time. You may wish to allow the use of a word processor with the spell check and thesaurus turned off instead. Or, if the problem is very poor handwriting Centres may wish to allow a transcript, which must be attached to the candidate's original script when it is sent after the exam. No marks are deducted for W5 on this component if the candidate uses a scribe, but they must comply with the process above.


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