IGCSE First Language English - Description of Question 3 of Papers 1 and 2 from the 2015 syllabus onwards

From 2015 on Papers 1 and 2, Question 3(a) the summary question is divided into two parts. In part (a) candidates will be assessed for Reading. Candidates will not be given marks for Writing for their response to this part of the question. In their response to part (a) candidates should ensure that they identify content points separately, recording them one point per line. They will be reminded of this in the question, where it will say ‘Write one point per line’. Although the use of own words is not required for the responses to this question, the candidate must ensure that they convey the essence of the point in their response. Indiscriminate lifting from the text, where no clear point has been identified clearly will not be credited. The lines on which they will record their response will be numbered 1-10 on Paper 1 and 1-15 on Paper 2. Candidates should list 15 points only on Paper 2 and 10 points only on Paper 1. Additional points recorded above the 10 for Paper 1 or 15 for Paper 2 will not be credited.

In their response for Question 3 (b) candidates will be assessed for Writing and they will not be given marks for Reading for their response to this part of the question. In the question candidates are asked to include all of their points from part (a) in their response to part (b). When assessing the candidate’s response to 3(b) the Examiner will decide to what extent the candidate’s response is ‘well-focused on the passage and the question’. Candidates must use their own words as far as possible in their response to Question 3 (b).

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