Can you tell me about the Certificate in Teaching Bilingual Learners?

The Certificate requires candidates to submit one portfolio assignment for assessment. The assignment consists of evidence of three teaching and learning practice, learning and reflection on these activities.

A Certificate programme requires 120 hours of preparation and should take candidates 3-4 months.

Teachers will be required to:

  • understand the challenges of learning through an additional language, and estimate the language levels of their learners and themselves
  • understand principles of teaching bilingual learners through and additional language, through reading, observation and discussion – they will apply these principles to their own practice
  • design individual lessons focused on content and language
  • implement and evaluate individual lessons focused on content and language
  • reflect on and evaluate their own practice in order to help learners learn content through an additional language more effectively
  • learn collaboratively, supported by their colleagues.

Candidates should be full or part-time teachers in an educational institution such as a school, college, university, or adult training centre. Candidates are required to be teaching in their current educational institution over the course of a full academic year, for a minimum 24 weeks and a minimum of six hours per week. 

The Certificate and Diploma in Teaching Bilingual Learners is for teachers who are teaching:

  • a non-language curricular subject (such as history or mathematics)
  • to bilingual learners
  • through an additional language.

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