Can schools repeat the Speaking and Listening Test (Component 5) for 0500/0522?

As Component 5 is a Speaking and Listening test conducted under exam conditions, repeating the assessment is not permitted. One of the reasons for this is that the content of Part 2: Discussion should not be known by the candidate before the test. If it is necessary for a candidate to be assessed for Component 5 for a second time, the candidate must prepare new material for Part 1: Individual Task and Part 2: Discussion must not repeat material from the candidate’s first attempt at the test.

Teachers may advise the candidate on the suitability of a topic, but must not be involved in the preparation of material for the Part 1: Individual Task. It is not ethical or permissible that teachers work with a single candidate and practise an individual test. Part 2: Discussion must be a spontaneous discussion and this is best achieved if it is the first time the teacher has heard Part 1 being delivered in full. Once a test has begun, do not interrupt the recording. On no account should you stop and restart the recording during a test.

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