What should students cover in IGCSE First Language English, component 4?

Assignment 1 = The assignment can be anything that is non-narrative. It is purely a writing exercise. No credit will be given for the student’s use and understanding of any reading material.

Assignment 2= The types of writing covered in this task are explore, imagine and entertain. It is important that the candidates write in a way that is immediately distinguishable from Assignment 1.

Assignment 3 = Schools should choose a piece with strong views (topical news/newspaper article/Jeremy Clarkson book etc.) for students to be able to review/discuss/argue with. Students need to comment upon, and evaluate, the ideas and opinions presented to them. They should offer their personal view, but this must not become a rant and distract from the focus on the ideas within the article.

Please refer to the Coursework Training Handbook for more information on component 4, written coursework. This will support you fully in your setting and marking of the tasks.

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