Where can I find information on conducting Cambridge International A Level Applied ICT (9713) practical tests?

You can access a document about the conduct of Cambridge International A Level Applied ICT (9713) practical tests via our Exams Officer eNewsletter prior to the tests. The eNewsletter is sent to Exams Officers directly, but can also be found on this page of our public website. Go to the 'Phase 4: Before the exams' section in order to access the document.

Content includes:

  • Who is responsible for the administration of the ICT practical tests?
  • When should the ICT practical tests be held?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for Cambridge ICT practical tests?
  • How many invigilators should there be for each test?
  • Are candidates allowed access to any other equipment during the test?
  • Can supervisors or invigilators give candidates any help during the test?
  • Can candidates communicate with each other during the test?
  • How do I print out the candidates’ work?
  • What should happen at the end of each test?
  • What do I do if we experience technical problems during a test?
  • How do I submit candidate’s work for marking?
  • Am I allowed to photocopy the question papers?


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