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How can I apply for an exemption from a specific component?

Please note that an exemption from a specific component can be applied for with supporting evidence as long as the candidate is able to complete at least 50% of the syllabus concerned by sitting the remaining components. You can check the individual component weightings to ascertain what percentage of a syllabus has been completed by referring to the subject in the Guide to Making Entries.

You should complete and return the request for an exemption using the Access Arrangements - Preparation - Form 1 available here.

If the candidate has not completed at least 50% of the syllabus you can request by email that they are withdrawn from that syllabus, ensuring that you include medical evidence. The candidate would then be eligible for a refund for the syllabus concerned. When sending the request for the withdrawal please ensure that it is clear which syllabus the withdrawal relates to.


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