In what circumstances can a scribe/writer be used?

A scribe/writer is a responsible adult who, in coursework and/or in an examination (not oral), writes down or word processes a student’s dictated answers to questions. Students must respond in English. Students are eligible to use a scribe/writer if they suffer from long-term or temporary disabilities that prevent them from communicating by any other means. Applications to use a scribe/writer should be made in advance of the examination wherever possible.

If writing is a skill which is being tested and the use of a writer could modify the requirements of the subject being examined, the student will need to dictate words letter by letter. All punctuation must be included in their responses. Any assistance provided with spelling by the writer must be noted on the scribe/writer cover sheet.

Any other assistance provided to the student by the scribe/writer must be described on the cover sheet in full. However, the use of a scribe/writer will not be possible in certain language syllabuses where it is not possible to dictate responses. For students requiring a scribe/writer and a reader, the same person may act as both providing permission has been given for both.

It is the responsibility of the school to pay for a scribe/writer. Please refer to section 1.2.14 of the Cambridge Handbook available here for regulations governing the use of a scribe/writer.


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