IGCSE Food and Nutrition: Are candidates allowed to cook only vegetarian food in the practicals?

Questions in the Practical Test are worded in such a way that candidates do not need to cook meat (including poultry) or fish, if that is their choice. Some questions still require the use of eggs as these are vital ingredients in many baked products. In November 2009 the following questions required the use of eggs:

Q 1(b) Whisking method, e.g. swiss roll, etc.
Q 8(a) Batter, e.g. pancakes, etc.
Q 8(b) Creaming method, e.g. sandwich cake, etc.

However there are six other questions and examiners need to choose five suitable questions for their Centre so there is still plenty of scope for Centres to cook without using eggs. We do not penalise candidates who choose to make vegetarian dishes as long as the dishes chosen still answer the question set and fulfil all the other requirements of the mark scheme, e.g. balanced meals, variety of foods, variety of cooking methods, etc.

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