IGCSE Food and Nutrition: If a student makes something (e.g. bread dough) and uses it for multiple dishes, are they penalised because they have used one food to make 2 dishes which is less work?

If a candidate makes one batch of dough into 2 dishes, one of the dishes can be marked out of the mark from the mark scheme according to difficulty / skill demonstrated etc. as usual. The other dish must be marked out of a reduced possible mark because the dish uses dough which has already been given a mark in a previous dish. If the second dish has skills not previously shown e.g. decoration, preparation of another filling / topping then the maximum mark for the dish can reflect this. However the dough / pastry / cake mixture can only be marked in one dish since it has only been prepared once. The candidate could use the time saved to make one of the dishes more elaborate than time would otherwise have permitted.

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