AS/A Level Languages (other than English): How should I select someone to conduct and assess the speaking tests at my school?

Ideally, a teacher at the school should conduct and assess the speaking tests. Where this is not possible and it is necessary to look for someone outside the school, you should look for someone who is fluent in the language, preferably with teaching experience and with experience of conducting other oral examinations. It is important that the person appointed takes the time to familiarise him/herself with the requirements of the examination before conducting and assessing any 'live' speaking tests. The examination syllabus contains all the information the examiner will need and should be sent to him/her to read before the day of the examination. If it is not possible to send the syllabus to the examiner beforehand, then, on the day of the examination, you should arrange for him/her to arrive at the school 1-2 hours before conducting and assessing the first speaking test, in order that s/he can read through the instructions contained in the syllabus.

Please refer to our fact sheet attached below for further details.

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