What is GPR?

Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives and Research (GPR) is the Global Perspectives course and the Independent Research Report. These must be completed for the full Cambridge Pre-U Diploma. However, students studying other qualifications may also take GPR separately, as a standalone certificate. Global Perspectives is a series of seminars that encourages candidates to explore real-world challenges that will face them as young people in the modern world – wherever they may live and work.

Experience of seminar-style teaching is extremely useful for candidates who wish to progress to higher education where this form of teaching is widely used. Students will build up a portfolio of work including audio-visual and web-based presentations and will develop detailed research proposals. Topics sit under five headings: Practical Ethics, Economics, Environment, Technology, and Politics and Culture.

The Independent Research Report comprises a report based on a topic chosen by the student. It gives the student the opportunity to dig deeper in a chosen specialism, cross boundaries with an inter-disciplinary enquiry, or make a new departure with a non-Centre subject, e.g. Anthropology. Universities place much value on a student’s independent learning and research skills.

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