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What coursework materials do schools need to retain?

You should retain the following materials and information for at least six weeks after the results are published:

  • a record of the coursework that was set.
  • a record of the marks awarded.
  • the assessed work of all students not included in the moderation sample submitted to Cambridge.
  • a copy of each Individual Candidate Record Card and Coursework Assessment Summary Form.
  • a summary of how internal moderation was carried out.
  • if the coursework will deteriorate over time, teachers must keep sufficient evidence (documentary, photographic, audiotaped or videotaped as appropriate) to support their marking.

We recommend any paperwork relating to the syllabus is retained until the certificates have been received to ensure that it is available should any issues arise. With coursework it will also depend if you wish to carry forward to a future exam series; if you do, the work will need to be securely retained for the 13 month period allowed for carry forwards.

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