How do I submit Internally Assessed Marks to Cambridge?

Methods for submitting Internally Assessed Marks to us are as follows:

  • Cambridge International Direct.
  • A2C Transport App- if you work in a UK school you can submit your Internally Assessed Marks using the A2C Transport App.
  • Internally Assessed Mark sheets (MS1): We send you a hard-copy form in your Cambridge pre-exam despatch. Please complete the form and post it back to us in the brown envelope provided.

Please send us your Internally Assessed Marks for all candidates entered for coursework components and speaking tests.

View our video tutorial on submitting Internally Assessed Marks using Direct here.

If you have not received the MS1 form or require additional sheets, you can either enter the information through Direct as per the instructions above, or you can download the Supplementary Internal Assessment Mark Sheet (MS1) from our Administrative Forms page.




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