Can you tell me about the Diploma in Teaching with Digital Technologies?

The Diploma requires candidates to submit three portfolio assignments for assessment. The assignments consist of evidence of teaching and learning practice, learning and reflection on these activities.

A Diploma programme requires 360 hours of preparation and should take candidates 10-12 months.

Teachers will be required to:

  • understand principles, concepts and issues concerning using digital technologies to support learning, and apply these in their own practice
  • consider how and why digital technologies may be used to support their learners’ learning and the challenges involved
  • develop their ability to find and select appropriate digital technologies and related activities to support specific learning goals, and to engage and enthuse learners
  • improve their ability to plan, execute and evaluate teaching episodes that use digital technologies
  • develop their reflective practice skills to help them evaluate and develop their own practice in using digital technologies
  • learn collaboratively, supported by their colleagues
  • understand principles, concepts and issues concerning using digital technologies to support learning, and relate these critically to their own practice
  • engage with educational theory and research evidence to inform and develop their professional thinking concerning digital technologies in education
  • improve their ability to reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of digital technologies in supporting learning, and to adapt their planning and teaching as appropriate
  • develop the confidence to experiment and innovate with a growing range of opportunities offered by digital technologies
  • develop their ability to reflect on their own experiences, and those of others, of using digital technologies, so that they can critically assess using such technologies in teaching and learning
  • develop the confidence to share their practice with fellow practitioners, and their ability to select, adapt and use ideas from the wider educational community, including their own learners.

Candidates should be full or part-time teachers in an educational institution such as a school, college, university, or adult training centre. Candidates are required to be teaching in their current school over the course of a full academic year, for a minimum 24 weeks and a minimum of six hours per week.

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