Why is there a difference between the marks total of 130 and the Grade Threshold of 125 for 0522?

For 0522, Components 05 and 06 (Speaking and Listening) are marked out of 30, but are then calculated by Cambridge to generate a weighted mark out of 25. This is in order for these two components to each count for 20% of the final syllabus grade.

The calculation for this is to divide the marks by 1.2. Please see example below:

Total marks available for component 5 and 6 is 30, divide by 1.2 = 25.

Candidate gets 18 marks out of 30. 18 divide by 1.2 = 15. Total marks is then 15 out of 25.

In practice this means that, when referring to the grade thresholds, the syllabus total will be out of 125 rather than 130 marks.


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