What forms do we need to submit?

These forms can all be found in the syllabus:

1. Centre order of Merit - one of these forms should be completed for each activity and should list all of the candidates who took part in that activity in rank order of those who scored highest to lowest in the Planning, Performing and Evaluating section.

A sample of 5 candidates for each activity should be selected. These selected candidates will be indicated in the Video ID section of the form.

2. Candidate Mark sheet - one of these should also be completed for each activity but candidates should be listed in candidate number order.

After checking with the Principal moderator, it is more important that the Centre order of Merit form is completed, with the candidates ranked in order as outlined in point 1 above. Having the candidates listed in this order greatly helps the marking process.

We will be looking into this for future examination series to see if it necessary for both such forms to be completed.

3. The Individual Candidate Mark sheet  is mainly for centre use and should be completed for each candidate to track their progress and kept on record. This may in certain circumstances be requested by Cambridge.

4. The Coursework Assessment Summary form should be completed and submitted for external moderation together with the video evidence.

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