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Final Entry form - general queries

Where can schools find a copy of the Final Entry form?

The Final Entry Form is available in the Support Materials section of Cambridge International Direct. Please select Estimated and Final Entry Forms from the Document Type menu, then click on the Final Entry Form to download the file.

How do I delete a candidate entry on the Final Entry form?

Please select the candidate number for whom you wish to withdraw on the final entry form and click the Withdraw Candidate button. Do not remove the candidate from the form entirely.

How do schools indicate a Private Candidate on the Final Entry form?

The status column is used to indicate any private candidates who have been entered at your school. Any candidate who is using your school solely as an examination venue would be considered a private candidate. Private candidates can be indicated be entering a 'P' in this column - in all other cases the column can be left blank.

How do I indicate a transferred candidate on the Final Entry form?

Once the transfer has been completed, transferred candidates should be marked as withdrawn, using the Withdraw Candidate button on the form - otherwise, a new entry will be made for the candidate at your school. Please note that all candidate transfers must be submitted using the transfer forms available in the 'Support Materials' section of Direct, and that transferred candidates should not be marked as withdrawn until Cambridge has confirmed the transfer is complete.

For more information, please refer to the Cambridge Administrative Guide, which can also be downloaded from the Support Materials section of Direct.

How do schools make entries for Cambridge ICE/AICE using the Final Entry form?

If a candidate is eligible for the Cambridge ICE/AICE Diploma, they can be entered for the award by adding the relevant entry code to their entries, in the same way as a normal entry code - an example of this can be found on the Final Entry Form. (Example Candidate 1 on the form has been entered for the ICE award, while Example Candidate 2 has been entered for the AICE Diploma.)

The entry code for Cambridge ICE Diploma is simply 'ICE', while Cambridge AICE Diploma entries use the entry code 'ADIP'.

Why is the 'Retake' column locked on the Final Entry form?

The Retake? column is only available when making entries for the November examination series, as this is the only series where schools need to indicate retake candidates. If November is entered as the examination series, the Retake? column will be unlocked.

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