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When trying to upload a csv file with candidate details to Cambridge International Direct, I am seeing an "Incorrect number of fields" error message.

This is a common error that occurs due to the formatting of your CSV file. If you look at the CSV file, you will see that rather than being separated in to different cells, the data is all in the same cell, separated by semicolons or commas. You can separate the data by completing the following steps:

  • Open the CSV file using Microsoft Excel
  • Select all cells that contain data
  • Click the Data tab, then click Text to Columns
  • The Convert Text to Columns Wizard will appear, ensure that Delimited is selected, then click next
  • Select the Delimiter - the character that is separating the data in your spreadsheet (usually a semicolon or comma)
  • Click Finish

You should then see the data correctly separated into cells, and you should now be able to upload it to Cambridge International Direct without any error messages.

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