IGCSE Biology: Some of the topics in the 'Human influences on the ecosystem' section of the syllabus do not appear to be relevant in my country. Why do I have to teach these?

Of course, countries differ widely in the relative importance of particular environmental problems. In this section of the syllabus, a range of such problems have been selected that collectively have significance across the world. This is an international syllabus, and it is expected that students will be able to appreciate the global problems posed by, for example, acid rain, even if this does not appear to be of major importance in their country. This will enable candidates to understand the implications, for example, of global negotiations to ameliorate the effects of poverty and environmental degradation. There may be major ecological issues in your country that do not appear directly in the syllabus, for example soil erosion. It is worthwhile making the connection between such phenomena and those that are on the syllabus such as deforestation.

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