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We appreciate the enormous challenges that are affecting students from Sudan. We at Cambridge are doing what we can to support you in your current situation.

As a result of the nature and timing of events in Sudan we were not able to run exams or offer a contingency route for students to receive results for the June 2023 series.

We will not be able to run exams, or any other routes to a grade, for students in Sudan in November 2023, because there is currently no infrastructure in the country to support this.


Sudanese students impacted by the cancellation of June 2023 series exams.

Students with entries in the June 2023 series, who did not sit any exams and so will not get a result, will receive a refund of their fees from the British Council. Students who sat a paper before the exams were cancelled will receive a partial refund.

These fees are made up of a Cambridge fee and a British Council administrative fee.

The British Council will refund fees to the students’ schools in Sudan, which will pass them on to the student. Refunding the fees is a complex process under the current circumstances and will take time. We are discussing timescales with the British Council and will post any updates as we receive further information from them.

Contact the British Council at with your enquiries about your refund for June 2023, or if you want to find out about administrative fees the British Council or a British Council school will charge you for the November 2023 exam series.

You will not be charged a Cambridge fee for the November 2023 series, wherever you sit your exams. This applies to both British Council schools and Cambridge direct schools.


Students entering the November 2023 exam series via a British Council school in Cairo

Students who have relocated, or are in the process of relocating, to Egypt can enrol to sit their exams in the November 2023 series at one of eleven British Council schools in Cairo (*see school list below).

Schools may charge students enrolment or other fees, for example if the student wants to take additional study at the school before the exam. The school will tell you about any fees they will charge, or you can contact the British Council at

It is important that any student wanting to take exams in November 2023 at one of these British Council schools in Cairo, enrols without delay. The school must make your entries as soon as possible; and one school is already full. The British Council will consider applications on a case-by-case basis.


*British Council schools in Cairo

New Castle International School- New Capital

Winchester International School

Ramses International school

Nile Sons International School

New Castle school - October

New Capital English School

Manaret El-Eman International School

Al Karma International School

Seven Pillars

Utopia International School

Renaissance International school of Egypt


Students wanting to enter the November 2023 exam series at a Cambridge direct school in Egypt, or in any other country

As well as the British Council schools in Cairo we have listed below five Cambridge direct schools in Egypt that have confirmed they will support students from Sudan by accepting registrations for November 2023. These schools have agreed to levy minimal, or no, extra fees. If you wish to register with one of these schools, you should contact them without delay. Please note accepting students is at the school’s discretion and they will ask you for evidence of displacement which they must pass on to us.

  • Cairo English School, Cairo
  • Summits International Schools, Cairo
  • Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alexandria
  • Modern English School, Cairo
  • St. Fatima Language School, Nasr City, Cairo

We strongly recommend, wherever possible, that you register at a Cambridge direct school for the November 2023 exam series. You will need to find a Cambridge direct school local to where you are now that accepts private candidates, You can search for a school by city or location on our website.

Tell the school that, to support Sudanese displaced candidates, Cambridge will waive its fees for Secondary and Advanced qualifications in the November 2023 series and ensure any entry fees charged for students fleeing Sudan are refunded.

You are responsible for making arrangements with the school and they can support you with any exam-related queries. Full details on our 'How to register as a private candidate' are on our website.

When you register with a school tell them to contact us immediately as it is important that they make your entries by our deadline. They can withdraw your entries up to seven days after the end of the exam series if necessary. We will explain to them how they can receive the credit for any fees incurred as part of the process, so you will not be charged Cambridge fees.

We appreciate it may be challenging to find a school local to you that accepts private candidates, and whether they choose to accept your entries at this stage is solely at their discretion. We are not able to influence this in any way. You can only enter our qualifications as a private candidate through a registered Cambridge school; you cannot make entries directly with us. If you are unable to find a local school that will accept your entries, widen your search to schools in surrounding regions.

If you need to register at a British Council school outside Egypt, contact the British Council at to ask about your refund of fees for June 2023 and their administrative and entry fees for November 2023.

Cambridge will waive its fees for the November 2023 series. This applies whether you sit exams at a British Council school or a Cambridge direct school.


Syllabuses that are not available to sit in November 2023

It is not possible for us to offer any syllabus in the November 2023 series that do not already have November availability. This is due to the significant preparation and quality assurance procedures that are required when we produce confidential exam materials. There is not enough time for us to undertake and complete these processes between now and the exam series. 


Help with verifying qualifications for university applications where hard copy documents are currently unavailable

We understand that universities around the world are supporting students who have had to flee the conflict in Sudan. Cambridge International’s recognition team has measures to help you in case you have difficulties applying, or transferring, to universities, because you do not currently have access to your qualification certificates.

You should first research the availability of places in your chosen country and apply for a transfer to a university that meets your higher education needs. Universities can use our verification portal on Cambridge International Direct to verify your results. Any universities which have access to Direct should be aware of this portal. If your chosen university does not have access to the verification portal, we will give them access.

You should direct them to this page where there is a form to apply for access. There is no cost for this service; the form is so we make sure we only provide candidates’ results to genuine universities.

If the university has any questions about the process, they can contact our Recognitions team at

We do not provide results documentation in digital format. However, if any university says online verification of a candidate's results is not sufficient, we can prioritise a request for a Certifying Statement. This is recognised in exactly the same way as a final certificate. If the university needs this, complete this application form and return it to We will ensure we process it urgently. We will provide Certifying Statements free of charge for displaced Sudanese students so you can leave the payment section of the form blank, but please make sure you attach a copy of a recognised form of your ID with the form. We can only send statements we’re providing free of charge to one postal address.


Help and support

 Enquiries about:

  • the refund of your fees for the June 2023 exam series
  • registering for the November 2023 exam series with a British Council school in Cairo
  • registering for the November 2023 exam series with a British Council school in countries other than Egypt
  • British Council fees for the November 2023 exam series


For anything else relating to our exam series contact


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