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Introducing our new name – FAQs for Cambridge International Schools

Why are we changing our name? 

In August 2022, Cambridge University Press & Assessment (Cambridge) established the International Education group. The aim was to unite Cambridge Assessment International Education, Cambridge University Press Education and Cambridge Partnership for Education to offer schools and governments worldwide a more joined-up experience of working with Cambridge, and an innovative range of services that combines our expertise in learning and assessment.  

As we are specialists in individual fields such as resources and assessment, our joined-up offer now connects us as one group. To reflect this, we are changing our name simply to ‘Cambridge’.

What is our new name?

Our new name is Cambridge.

We work with schools worldwide to build an education that shapes knowledge, understanding and skills. Together, we give learners the confidence they need to thrive and make a positive impact in a changing world.

As part of the University of Cambridge, we offer a globally trusted and flexible framework for education from age 3 to 19, informed by research, experience, and listening to educators like you.

With recognised qualifications, high-quality resources, comprehensive support and valuable insights, we help schools prepare every student for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Cambridge International Education is the name of our awarding body.

We will use this name on materials related to administering our exams and awarding our qualifications. We are taking this approach so it’s clear which awarding body within Cambridge University Press & Assessment schools are working with and which awarding body has awarded the qualification.

What will change?

Our logo, look and messaging are changing. 

We have updated our look and logo to better reflect our joined-up offer so it’s easier for our partners and schools. We have also refreshed our messaging to highlight our continued commitment to support our schools to prepare their learners to be ready for the world and future opportunities and challenges ahead.

The names of our qualifications and programmes are not changing.

When will we start to introduce these changes?

We will gradually phase out our existing names and logos, but this will take time, and schools will continue to see our existing names and logos as we phase in the new look, messaging and logo.

We will introduce the changes in a phased approach:

From mid-October 2023 onwards    
  • Our public website and social media channels updated.  
From November 2023 onwards  
  • Events and newly produced promotional materials.  
  • We will start to despatch new customer plaques made from a more sustainable material to our approved schools.  
  • Communications toolkit updated to include new school logos and guidelines and press release templates.  
By end December 2023  
  • Communications toolkit updated to include materials to help schools explain Cambridge to parents and other stakeholders.   
From March 2024  
  • You will start to see our new name and logo on endorsed resources. 
From May 2024 
  • We are planning for the first certificates and results documentation to be issued with the new name and logo for the March 2024 series 
From September 2024  
  • New curriculum frameworks and syllabuses with new name and logo. 

When do partners and schools need to update websites and materials with Cambridge logos?

We do not expect our partners and schools to update existing marketing materials featuring Cambridge Assessment International Education logos straight away.

Instead, we will ask you to phase in the new logo over time, as and when you are updating materials.

We will ask you to update your customer logo on digital channels as soon as it is practically possible. From November 2023 onwards, we will share new Cambridge International School logos, guidelines and press releases on our Communications toolkit to help you promote your association with Cambridge to parents and other stakeholders.

Next steps

We will start to let our approved Cambridge International Schools know more about the changes from week commencing 16 October, with follow up communications confirming when logos are available, plaques are being despatched and other guidance.

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