What are the hardware and software requirements for IGCSE ICT (0417)?

What are the hardware requirements?

Candidates should be provided with a hardware setup that will enable them to use efficiently the chosen software packages and to enable them to meet all performance criteria of 0417/02 and 0417/03.

Each candidate will need exclusive access to a personal computer for the duration of the examination. They will need access to a printer. Printers can be shared e.g. over a network and need not be exclusively for the use of the candidate. Care must be taken to ensure the security of network access so that candidates may not have access to the files of other candidates or their own practice files. Candidates must have their own, secure work area to save files and this may be within a network, or on an individual PC, either hard disk or removable storage. This work area must not be shared with any other candidate. Care and supervision must also be exercised to ensure that candidates only have access to their own materials from the printer. Candidates must not have Internet access or e-mail access during the examination.


What are the software requirements?

The IGCSE qualifications which require the use of computers (IGCSE ICT, IGCSE Computer Science and O-Level Computer Science) have been written so that they do not specify any particular software. This is done so that schools can choose the software that meets their personal circumstances and budget.

In the IGCSE ICT examinations 0417/02 and 0417/03, candidates will need access to word processing software, a relational database package (which allows record structures to be defined and relationships between tables to be created – Microsoft Excel, for example, will not do this), charting facilities (which allow students to produce bar charts, line graphs and pie charts), a spreadsheet, web editing facilities (this could be a simple text editor or a WYSIWYG editor), a graphics package (suitable for editing image type and colour depth, etc), a web browser, a presentation graphics package. Candidates must not have Internet access or e-mail access during the examination.

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