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FAQs for AS & A Level Information Technology (9626)


What are the software requirements?

Our qualifications which require the use of computers have been written so that they do not specify any particular software. As an examination board we do not make any specific recommendations as to which software and hardware you should acquire as every school/centre has its own unique infrastructure. This is done so that schools can choose their software and hardware pieces that meets their personal circumstances and budget. However, it is important to note that any software you acquire must cover the requirements of the syllabus (allowing candidates to fully demonstrate the required syllabus skills) and be kept up to date (including its latest features and functions) so that candidates are being taught on the latest software for future careers.

Our advice remains that the best way to determine what software and hardware to use is for the specialist teacher to consult the syllabus and past papers, and to choose what they are familiar with and that allows the full requirements of the syllabus to be taught. However, to assist you in supporting your students, we have provided below an example list of software packages that are used at an educational and professional level and that allow the syllabus content to be taught. This is not a recommendation that you purchase this specific software, but it may be a useful starting point for you to evaluate whether you wish to use this software to teach the course.

Please note that all software must be able to be used in an offline mode, as no internet access is allowed during the exam.

A level


Open source/Free


Microsoft Excel

LibreOffice Calc

Google Sheets (web based, not for use in the test)


Microsoft Access LibreOffice Base


Microsoft PowerPoint LibreOffice Impress

Image editing

Graphics creation

Adobe Photoshop (recommended for editing)

Adobe Illustrator (recommended for graphics)

Microsoft Paint (preferable for basic image editing and raster image creation)




Krita (preferable for graphics creation and simple image editing)

Word Processing

Document Production

Microsoft Word LibreOffice Writer

Web Authoring

Programming for the web

Adobe Dreamweaver

Notepad, Notepad++

Microsoft Expression

Wix (web based, not for use in the test)

W3Schools has an online interface to test HTML and view the output (web based, not for use in the test)

Video editing

Adobe Premier Pro

HitFilm (free license available)

Filmora (free license available, with watermarked logo in exported videos)

DaVinci Resolve



Sound editing

Adobe Audition Audacity


Adobe Animate

Toon Boom Harmony


Synfig Studio

Where can I find information on conducting the 9626 practical tests?

Our regulations for running Cambridge International AS/A Level Information Technology practical tests are available in section 5 (Special instructions for particular exams) of our Cambridge Handbook here.

Further instructions for administering the practical tests will be sent to you in the exams officer eNewsletter, the most recent editions of which can be found here, and with your confidential source files.

Where can I find the source files, Assessment Record Folder (ARF) and Supervisor's Report Folder (SRF) for 9626?

Source files for 9626 practical tests will be available to download from our Digital File Despatch website three days prior to each test date centres have entries for (5 days prior for Associates). Once materials have been made available the main contact at the centre will receive an automated email to alert them. Question papers for 9626 practical tests are despatched in hard copy as per normal.

SRFs for 9626 practical tests are provided with the source files and only in soft copy, as the work and attendance register is submitted electronically using Submit For Assessment (SFA). There is no requirement to submit any work or documentation for 9626 practical components in hard copy to us.

There is no ARF required for 9626. The soft copy of the attendance register can be found on our website.

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