Where can I find textbooks and which one should I choose? (for teachers)

We do not require teachers to use any one particular textbook for our syllabuses, and we recommend that, wherever possible, teachers make use of a variety of different resources. It is good practice for students to get into the habit of using more than one textbook, and this also has the advantage that if they do not understand an explanation in one book, they may find a different explanation more helpful to them.

On each syllabus page you will find a list of the books and resources we recommend or endorse under the support material tab. Published materials vary in their style and approach, but if a resource is endorsed by us, you can be confident that it has been written to follow closely the syllabus it supports and has been through a thorough quality-assurance process. It is therefore up to you to decide which resources best match the needs of your own particular learners.

You can find a range of teaching resources, such as past papers and mark schemes, on our School Support Hub, as well as a discussion forum where you can ask questions and share ideas with other teachers. For even further in depth support, on our website we have published interactive resources designed to introduce and help you to develop key areas of teaching and learning practice.

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