School Support Hub Community Resources

What are community resources on the School Support Hub?

In this area of your subject community you will be able to upload and share teaching materials you have created for use by the community.

You can also download schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching notes, worksheets, activities, and teaching materials that other teachers have contributed to the community to use in your classroom.

Modify these to suit the needs of your learners and share additions and enhancements for the benefit of the community.  

Do remember to take the time to comment on the resources. Thank and encourage contributors and suggest ways of improving of these resources.

What can I upload to the Community Resources area on the School Support Hub website?

You can upload any material that you own the rights to. By uploading materials you are giving consent for others to use or adapt them.

What should I do if I am not happy with a community resource that has been put on the School Support Hub? 

Teachers can report an item for moderation by Cambridge and it will be removed from the site pending review. If the complaint is upheld the item will be removed and the owner will be informed. If the complaint is rejected the item will remain on the website. 

Why can't I find any Community Resources for my syllabus on the School Support Hub?

This is because nobody has uploaded any material for the syllabus yet. Maybe you have made a good resource you could share with others which will in turn encourage them to share their resources.

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