Teacher Support website Community Resources FAQs

What are community resources on the Teacher Support website?

In this area of your subject community you will be able to upload your own Schemes of Work, lesson plans, teaching notes, worksheets, activities, tests, favourite web links and other teaching materials.  

You can also download similar materials that other teachers have contributed to use in your classroom (or to revise them to suit your own students or to add parts to your own materials to create even better ones).  

You can search for materials and bookmark your favourite Community Resources. 

What are online textbooks in the Community Resources area of the Teacher Support website?

In this wiki area you will be able to collaborate with other teachers to write a textbook by contributing material of your own, reviewing and commenting on materials submitted by your fellow teachers and editing these materials to create a text that suits your students. Comments made will be visible to the author(s) and other users. This collaborative approach will help to provide resources that are useful to as many people as possible.

What can I upload to the Community Resources area on the Teacher Support website?

You can upload any material that you own the rights to. By uploading materials you are giving consent for others to use or adapt them.

What do I do if I want to start an online textbook in the Community Resource area of the Teacher Support website?

If you would like to start an Online Textbook and become the owner of the resource, please contact us on  giving some background information about yourself, details of the textbook that you would like to start and your contact details. Your application will be considered and we will contact you. 

What is a 'shared' resource in Community Resources on the Teacher Support website?

When you upload a Community Resource you can choose whether you share it or not by clicking the 'Share' tickbox when you are adding a new resource. If you share a resource it is linked to the syllabus that you have uploaded it for and is available to everyone on the Teacher Support Website. If you choose not to share an item, it will only be available from inside a discussion topic in the Forums area. 

What should I do if I am not happy with a community resource that has been put on the Teacher Support website? 

Teachers can report an item for moderation by Cambridge. If the complaint is upheld the item will be removed and the owner will be informed. If the complaint is rejected the item will remain on the website. 

Why can't I find any Community Resources for my syllabus on the Teacher Support website?

This is because nobody has uploaded any material for the syllabus yet. Maybe you have something that you could share with others to get the ball rolling. You can contribute material by clicking 'Go to my own Resources' in the Community Resources area and then clicking on 'Add a New Resource'.

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