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What do I do if I do not have enough administrative materials?

What do I do if I have not received address labels?

Before the start of the examination series, schools are sent a despatch containing self adhesive address labels. If you have not received these labels in time for the examinations, please use the script despatch label and complete our online script return form.

All completed examination scripts should be returned to Cambridge to the following address:

Cambridge Assessment International Education 
Cambridge Assessment DC10 
Hill Farm Road 
Cambridge CB22 4FZ 

What do I do if I have not received the administrative materials?

Electronic versions of the Supplementary Attendance Register and the Multiple Choice Answer Sheet are available to download from the Administrative Forms page of our public website. 

We no longer send Internal Assessment Mark Sheet (MS1) and Forecast Grade Form (F1) forms. Internally Assessed Marks and Forecast Grades should be uploaded to CI Direct. For more information on how to upload your marks please click here.

We provide bar code labels to use on packets of candidates' answer scripts. For examined components, these labels are sent in a later despatch than those for early components. These consignments are not despatched until the last few weeks leading up to the main exam period.

Bar-coded labels

If your school does not receive bar code labels in time to stick onto answer script envelopes, please write the following information on the envelopes:

  • centre number
  • syllabus and component of scripts enclosed
  • number of scripts enclosed
  • candidate number range (e.g. 0001 - 0052)

If returning scripts by airmail, diplomatic Bag, or courier, please use the following address and complete our online script return form:

Cambridge Assessment International Education
Cambridge Assessment DC10 
Hill Farm Road 
Cambridge CB22 4FZ 
United Kingdom

If returning scripts by air freight (despatches over 100kg only), the name and address of the consignee must be shown on the airbill documents, as well as the packages being despatched, as:

UPS Supply Chain Solutions 
(Cambridge Assessment Account) 
Unit 1 Blackthorne Road, 
Poyle, Berkshire SL3 0DA 
United Kingdom 

Please find a freight label attached that you can use when despatching your scripts. For scripts, the contents must be described as "Written examination papers urgently required at Cambridge, United Kingdom. Arrangements have been made for immediate clearance at HM Customs and for immediate transmission to Cambridge"

What do I do if I run out of answer script envelopes?

If you have received insufficient answer script envelopes, please contact us and we can despatch more envelopes to your school. In the meantime, if you have scripts that need returning, we would request that you use a normal envelope, stating the following information on the packets, so that when they are returned to Cambridge they can be identified.

  • centre number
  • syllabus and component of answer scripts enclosed
  • total number of scripts enclosed
  • student number range (e.g. 0001 - 0052)
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