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Can I receive Cambridge results via A2C even if I didn't make entries via A2C? (UK schools)

We are unable to send you a results file via A2C if you did not make entries via this method. However, we can send you a results file in an MIS compatible format, if you are able to send us a copy of your MIS entry file.

Please send your MIS entry file containing your Cambridge entries to

If you have already input your Cambridge entries into your MIS system you only need to export a copy of the entry file. If you haven't already done so, you can import the MIS compatible basedata into your MIS system to create your entry file. A copy of the basedata can be found under the support materials tab on Cambridge International Direct.

On receipt of your entry file, we will arrange for your results to be sent to you via the *File Transfers* section of your Direct account in an MIS compatible format. Please note that your MIS compatible results file may not be available at the point of results release, but we will endeavour to upload it as soon as possible after this time.

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