What types of online training do Cambridge offer?

Our online courses are hosted on our Cambridge Professional Development site for Teachers - a virtual learning environment (VLE). Participation can take place at times to suit the local situation. Teachers must be from a registered school as they will require access to Teacher Support to be able to complete the courses.

Online Self-Study courses (Introductory level)
These courses are suitable for teachers who may have some experience of teaching but are new to a Cambridge syllabus or for those who require a refresher course.

Online Self-Study courses provide an introduction to key documents and resources (online and in print) for teachers and to the standards required in the assessment of Cambridge syllabuses.

  • Course availability: These courses are available all year round.
  • Course duration: Each session runs for three months and teachers are expected to spend around 15 hours of self-study on the course.
  • Course assignments: The courses are split into four modules. Each module contains a number of tasks. Tasks are not formally assessed, but are reviewed by Cambridge and provided that the assignments demonstrate that teachers have reflected on their teaching practice, they are awarded a certificate. The courses do not involve a tutor and are intended as a place for teachers to learn at their own pace.

Online Tutor-Led courses (Intermediate level)
These courses are suitable for teachers who have been delivering a Cambridge syllabus for at least one year. It is preferable, although not essential, that the teacher has followed a Online Self-Study (introductory) course.

Online Tutor-Led courses include a review of teaching strategies as applied to the delivery of a Cambridge syllabus and are designed to assist with the improvement of student examination performance. You will have the opportunity to try out new skills and techniques, reflect on your own practice and discuss and share ideas and resources with other teachers around the world.

  • Course availability: There are three sessions per year.
  • Course duration: Each course runs for seven weeks. The level of participation is expected to be around 21-28 hours (minimum of three hours per week for each of the seven weeks)
  • Course assignments: You will be expected to complete three assignments by undertaking activities in the classroom. The course discussion forum is an important component of this course. Teachers taking part in the course are expected to contribute to the discussions. Teachers benefit from one-to-one interaction with an experienced subject specialist.

Examiner Feedback seminars
These sessions are designed for teachers who deliver Cambridge examinations and would like some advice from an expert examiner. The feedback sessions are delivered in dynamic pre-recorded presentations with accompanying audio.

The pre-recorded presentation allows teachers to get expert feedback on the most recent examination series as well as tips on how to better prepare learners for future examinations.

The presentations cover:

  • feedback on the most recent examination series
  • exemplar material from past examination series to help teachers understand examination requirements
  • top tips to help develop new teaching methods

There is also a forum for questions on Teacher Support which is used to produce an FAQ document. The presentations and the FAQs will remain on Teacher Support so they can be accessed all year round.

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