What types of online training do Cambridge offer?

Details about all of the online training offered by Cambridge can be found here.

Tutor-guided training

Collaboration and reflection are key to effective learning. Under the guidance of an experienced Cambridge tutor, teachers will work closely with other teachers to develop their understanding and share ideas and experiences.

Tutor-guided training is offered at Introductory (5 week courses), Extension (7 week courses) and Enrichment (5 week courses) levels. To find out more about these courses, what courses are available, what they include and which course is right for you please visit the [Tutor Guided section of our public website

Online Self-study courses

Our self-study training is designed to give teachers a brief introduction to their specific Cambridge syllabuses or coursework component. Self-study training allows teachers to learn at their own pace and at a time that is convenient to them. To find out more about these courses and what courses are available please visit the Self-study section of our public website.

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