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What results documentation do we send to schools? (International)

What hard copy results documentation is sent in the provisional results despatch (schools outside the UK)?

For all qualifications, except Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and Cambridge Checkpoint, you will receive the following documents in hard copy after the release of provisional results online:

  • Statements of results: a statement for each candidate showing the syllabuses entered and the syllabus grades awarded. Statements of results are printed on full-colour watermarked stationery. Explanatory notes on each statement explain the qualification and syllabus grades shown.
  • Results by syllabus, option and component for teaching staff.
  • Results broadsheet for teaching staff: a summary of all the results for your candidates.
  • Moderation adjustment summary reports for teaching staff (where applicable): a summary of moderation adjustments for every internally assessed component.
  • Moderation report for teaching staff (where applicable): a report on the moderation for each internally assessed component.

In response to your feedback to reduce the amount of paper-based information we send you, you will not receive the Cambridge guide to results despatch in your provisional results despatch. You can download the guide from the ‘Support materials’ section of Cambridge International Direct.

For more information, please read section 6 of the Cambridge Handbook, which is available on our website here.

What is a Statement of Results?

A Statement of Results is produced for every candidate you have made an examination entry for. Statements of Results list all syllabuses entered by an individual candidate and the syllabus grades awarded. For group award candidates (Cambridge AICE and Cambridge ICE), Statements of Results will also show the result achieved in the group award. More information about how results for group awards are reported is in the Cambridge Guide to Making Entries which is available from the ‘Support Materials’ section of Cambridge International Direct.

The name of the school will not appear on the Statements of Results of private candidates.

Statements of Results are not certificates and may not be accepted by universities or other public bodies as proof of a candidate’s results. We reserve the right to correct the information given on any Statements of Results before we despatch final certificates.

As Statements of Results are a permanent record of the examination, you must report any errors on them immediately. You cannot rely on the accuracy of a Statement of Results that has been damaged or altered in any way. Please contact our Customer Services team by emailing as soon as possible if you find any errors on your Statements of Results or if they have been damaged or altered.

It is your responsibility to give all your candidates their statements of results. If any of your candidates’ details are incorrect on their statements of results, please let us know by:

  • 20 September for the June exam series
  • 26 February for the November exam series

We charge a fee for any replacement certificates requested after these dates. For more information, please refer to our fees list which is available from the ‘My Messages’ section of Direct.

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