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June and November Series - Script Return form

Why do I need to complete a script return form?

Because of the fast turnaround between the exams and the release of results, it is essential that scripts and samples of candidates' work are returned to Cambridge promptly. We must receive your samples by the dates listed in the samples database ( Send your scripts to us as soon as each exam has finished. If this is not possible you must despatch all the scripts you have at least once a week. You must complete the script return form each time you send us a consignment of scripts or samples for internally assessed components. This form will allow us to collect tracking information for your consignments so we can make sure they are returned to Cambridge without delay.

UK Schools

If you are using our Yellow Label service for Pre-U components you do not need to complete the script return form. These consignment details are already provided to us by Parcelforce.

What is a consignment?

A consignment is a package which contains your packets of scripts or samples. You can send us several consignments at the same time in the same despatch. As a precaution, do not send scripts for all the components of the same syllabus in the same despatch.

Where do I find my consignment number?

Your consignment number should be on the documentation provided by the courier.

What if I don’t have a consignment number?

All scripts and samples must be returned using a reputable courier that provides a tracking service. In the form, please enter the consignment number the courier provides you with. This number may be called a waybill, an airwaybill or a tracking number. We will use this number to track the progress of your consignment and to make sure your candidates’ work reaches Cambridge promptly.

What if I have sent more than one consignment in the same despatch?

If you have sent us more than one consignment in the same despatch, select ‘Yes’ under the question ‘Do you have another consignment to tell us about?’ Then click ‘Next’ and you can enter the details of any further consignments. 

What should I do if the courier I am using is not listed in the form?

Select ‘other’ from the dropdown menu in the form. You can then enter the name of your courier in the text box.

Where can I access the form?

You can access the form throughout the series here. We will also send you links to the form in the relevant editions of the exams officer newsletter. 

Will I be notified that you have received my form and my consignments?

Once you click ‘Submit’, a message should appear telling you that your form has been submitted successfully. We do not confirm the receipt of consignments but we will contact you within two weeks of the exam date if we have not received them.

Do I still need to complete the form if all candidates for a component are absent?

Yes. If all the candidates for a component are absent, you must still complete and return the attendance register, and fill in the form. Store all question papers securely until at least 24 hours have passed after the end of the exam or Key Time, whichever is later. For ICT practical tests, return the question papers that the candidates have used with the candidates’ work.  Store any unused question papers securely until 31 May for the June series and 30 November for the November series.

Do I need to send further evidence of my consignment?

No, you do not need to send any further evidence of your consignment. We may contact you about your scripts and samples until the release of results so please keep a detailed record of each consignment you send, including:

  • consignment number
  • date of despatch
  • content of each package.

What do I need to enter in the box called ‘Please use the box below to let us know if there is anything about the consignment that we need to be aware of.’

Please provide any details you would like Cambridge to know about your consignment, for example if a script is soiled or if there are scripts for two different components in the same packet. 

How should I pack and despatch my scripts and samples?

I can’t find my script return label. What should I do?

Your script return labels were sent to you in your Cambridge pre-exam despatch. If you cannot find them, you can download additional labels here. You should attach the labels to the outer package containing your script packets.

Is there a deadline to complete the form?

Please complete the form at the same time as you send us the consignment. We must receive your samples by the dates listed in the samples database ( Send your scripts to us as soon as each exam has finished. If this is not possible you must despatch all the scripts you have at least once a week.

Can I send you feedback about the form?

Please let us know what you think about the form by emailing with your Centre number and 'Script return form' in the subject line.

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