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Despatching scripts to Cambridge

What materials do Cambridge provide for despatching scripts?

Cambridge provides materials for packing, labelling and despatching scripts:

  • attendance registers
  • script packet envelopes
  • bar-coded labels
  • labels for courier despatches

What are the Cambridge guidelines for packing scripts?

Schools must observe the following guidelines when packing scripts:

  • Scripts for different components must not be packed in the same envelope
  • The completed attendance register should be enclosed in each envelope and a check made that the number of answer scripts enclosed agrees with the number shown by the attendance register and on the front of the answer script envelope
  • The component number and name shown on the unique bar-coded label should agree with that on the question paper for which scripts are enclosed
  • If all candidates entered for a component are absent, a completed attendance register for that component should be enclosed in the script envelope. Such envelopes must display the correct bar-coded label.
  • The packets of scripts must be securely fastened. If one envelope is not large enough for the scripts, schools can use two or more envelopes, indicating the student range in each envelope.
  • Bar-coded label should be put on the first envelope and each envelope should be numbered (e.g. 1 of 4, 2 of 4)
  • A number of script packets, for a variety of components, may be packaged together into one parcel for despatch by courier or post, provided the parcel is secure and does not weigh more than 15 kg

There have been a number of cases where a small packet of scripts has been attached to a larger packet of scripts belonging to a different component. The small packet has the Cambridge address label on it and looks as if it is being used to address the larger parcel. There is a danger that the scripts contained in the small packet will be overlooked and may be thrown away with the wrapping of the large parcel. It is therefore important that script packets for different components are never attached together.

For more information, please refer to section 5 of the Cambridge Handbook.

Which labels should I use to return the scripts?

A supply of labels is provided for despatching scripts by courier. If you run out of these labels, schools can use the supplementary Script Despatch Label or make their own by addressing scripts to:

Cambridge Assessment International Education
Cambridge Assessment DC10
Hill Farm Road
CB22 4FZ
United Kingdom

These labels must only be used for the despatch of scripts including artwork and/or school-based assessments.

What should I do if I do not have the bar-code labels?

If you have not received a bar-coded label and the examination has been completed, you must clearly state on the envelope the centre number, syllabus and component for which the answer scripts are enclosed, the number of answer scripts contained in the envelope along with the candidate number range contained therein.

When should scripts be sent to Cambridge?

Scripts must be sent to Cambridge immediately after the examination has been taken. Where this is not possible, periodic despatches of scripts must be made at least at the end of each week.

All scripts must be kept in a secure place prior to despatch. Answer scripts are confidential between the student and Cambridge. They may not be read or photocopied by any person prior to despatch.

Under no circumstances may scripts be retained any longer than one week.

Schools should complete our script return form each time scripts are despatched and keep detailed records of the courier used to return scripts to us including:

  • courier tracking reference
  • date of despatch
  • content of each package

Are we required to use UPS to return scripts to Cambridge?

We do not specify which courier service should be used, but all scripts should be sent to Cambridge by a despatch method that provides a tracking facility, using the address labels provided. Please note that all courier costs for the return of scripts to Cambridge will need to be covered by the school.

How to pack and despatch scripts to Cambridge:

If you are not sure how to pack and despatch your scripts, you can watch our video on this page of our website, which takes you through the process one step at a time. This video contains audio. To hear the instructions make sure the volume is on.

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