What are enrolment keys?

An enrolment key is a one-time password that you are sent when you book onto your online course. The first time you access your course, you will be prompted to type an enrolment key. You will receive this enrolment key in your joining instructions. It is case sensitive.

When will I receive my enrolment key?

When your participation has been authorised by your school, the enrolment key will allow you access to the specific course you are enrolled on.

It will be sent to you before the course starts in your joining instructions. If you have not received an enrolment key before the course is due to start, please contact

My enrolment key doesn't work

Please ensure that you have selected the course link contained in your joining instructions. Enrolment keys are case sensitive and we recommend you cut and paste the enrolment key from your joining instructions.

If you still have any difficulties accessing your course with the enrolment key, please contact or call +44 1223 553554.

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