I am the Teacher Support Coordinator for my school, how can I book teachers on to training courses?

If you're the Teacher Support Coordinator for your school, you can make bookings on behalf of your teachers at your school. Booking system credentials/login information will be needed in all cases. 

If you do not have Teacher Support Coordinator access to our booking system, or if this is your first contact with the system, please contact us at for assistance.

How to book

1. Before making a booking, please review our cancellation policy.

2. Find the course that you want your teachers to attend/take part in on our events and training calendar on our website.

3. Select the 'book your place' link in the 'How to register' section on the course web page.

4. Your browser will be re-directed to our shopping basket wizard on our booking system.

5. The basket will show the name of the course, location, date and cost of the course. As a Teacher Support Coordinator, you can amend the number of candidates you wish to book onto the course by selecting the 'Candidates' drop-down list.

6. Select 'Next step'. You will now be asked to log into your account on our booking system. 

7. Once you have logged in, select the booker. The booker is the person in your school responsible for making the booking. To select yourself as the booker, click on 'Select myself'. Your name will now be listed as the booker. Select 'Continue'.

8. You will now be taken to the Candidates section of the shopping basket wizard. Select 'Add candidate' to add teachers to the booking.

9. Search for the teacher you wish to add to the booking by typing either their first or last name in the search box.

10. If you cannot find the teacher's account on the system, you can add them by selecting 'Create New' at the bottom of the search pane.

11. You will now be taken to the Payment section of the shopping basket wizard. To link your teacher's booking to your school, uncheck the 'This is a private booking billed to my personal account' box.

12. Find your school from the 'Company' search box by clicking on the grey 'Select' button.

13. Enter your school name in the 'Name' search text box. To select your school, click on the green 'Select' button.

14. Once selected, you will be taken back to the payment page and your school's details will be listed.

15. Choose your method of payment. 

16. Make sure you agree to our terms and conditions before submitting the booking.

17. Once submitted, you will receive confirmation of your teacher's booking. Joining instructions for the course will be sent directly to your teacher using the email address listed for their account.

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