How are Professional Development Qualifications assessed?

Candidates produce a portfolio of evidence of practice, learning and reflection which is submitted to Cambridge for assessment. In their portfolio teachers and leaders demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding in the context of their own work and a variety of sources.

Certificate portfolios are approximately 3,600 words; Diploma portfolios are approximately 9,600 words. Portfolios will also include evidence such as notes from observation of teaching, learner feedback, lesson plans and photographs.

Candidates have access to the Candidate Handbook for the Professional Development Qualifications and templates to guide the writing of assignments, and they have the guidance and support of their Programme Leaders as well.

Candidate portfolios for Professional Development Qualifications are graded as Distinction, Pass or Fail. The Assessment criteria can be found in the relevant syllabus.

The Professional Development Qualifications Administrative Guide explains procedures to enable Examination Officers and the Programme Leader at the school to upload candidate portfolios and entry information to the Cambridge Secure Exchange.

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