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Will Cambridge issue a replacement certificate due to incorrect candidate information?

Certificates and certifying statements are issued in the name of the candidate at the time the award is made. Replacement certificates and certifying statements will not be provided to accommodate a subsequent name change. For example, a candidate changing their name because they get married.

We will consider requests to correct minor errors in the spelling or appearance of a candidate’s name, or to correct a date of birth. We can only process requests if the original certificate is returned to Cambridge by a registered centre, along with a correctly completed Replacement Statement of Results/ Certificate Application - Form 12. The request must be made within 18 months from the date we issued the original certificate, these deadlines are detailed below:

June Series - 30 April
November Series - 30 September

Whilst we appreciate this may cause candidates some inconvenience, certificates and certifying statements must show the status of the candidate at the time of the examination. We would advise candidates in this situation to present their certificate with accompanying legal documentation to any interested parties.

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