Where can I find the source files, ARF and SRF for Information Technology (9626)?

Source files for 9626 practical tests will be available to download from our Digital File Despatch website three days prior to each test date centres have entries for (5 days for Associates). Once materials have been made available the main contact at the centre will receive an automated email to alert them. Question papers for 9626 practical tests are despatched in hard copy as per normal.

SRFs for 9626 practical tests are provided with the source files and only in soft copy, as the work and attendance register is submitted electronically using Secure Exchange. There is no requirement to submit any work or documentation for 9626 practical components in hard copy to us.

There is no ARF required for 9626. The soft copy of the attendance register can be found on our website

We provide detailed instructions for conducting IT practical tests in the 'Phase 5: Exam day' section of the Exams Officer's eNewsletter, which are available to download on our website.  Our regulations for Information Technology practical tests are available in section 5 (Special instructions for particular exams) of our Cambridge Handbook (found here).

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