IGCSE Biology: I cannot get the exact equipment or specimens specified in the Confidential Instructions, but I can obtain something similar. Am I allowed to adapt the experiment at all?

Yes, you are allowed to make minor adaptations to the apparatus and specimens required, providing that everything still works as specified in the Confidential Instructions. You do not need to seek our approval for these minor adaptations, although you may prefer to check that all is well by doing so. In any case, you must report the adaptations in detail to the examiners, by completing the Supervisor’s Report form on the back of the Confidential Instructions, which should be enclosed with the candidates’ completed scripts. More substantial adaptations, which require changes to the experiment or which cause the apparatus to work in a different way from that described in the Confidential Instructions, are not allowed unless you have obtained prior approval from Cambridge – in this case, please contact us at

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