IGCSE Biology: Which is the correct textbook for the course?

We do not require that schools use any one particular textbook for our courses, and we would hope that wherever possible teachers would make use of a variety of different resources. It is good practice for students to get into the habit of using more than one book, and this also has the advantage that if they do not understand an explanation in one book, they may find a different explanation more helpful to them. In the syllabus there is a list of the books specifically endorsed by Cambridge for use with this syllabus – these have been through an independent quality assurance process and match the syllabus content closely. There is a further list of helpful textbooks, CD-ROMs and websites in the syllabus. In addition, Cambridge provides a list of books that we believe teachers may find helpful, some of which are written specifically to cover the IGCSE syllabus, on our website here.

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