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How is Cambridge Pre-U graded and what determines a distinction grade at Cambridge Pre-U

How is Cambridge Pre-U graded?

Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects will be graded on the scale that can be found here. The likely equivalence with A Level grades using UCAS tariff as a guide, is shown in the table which can be found here. Cambridge Pre-U has an extra grade above the new A Level A* for the very brightest candidates, but the qualification is accessible to all those who currently achieve passes at A Level.

What determines a distinction grade at Cambridge Pre U?

Distinction 1 is awarded for outstanding work – a standard set by examiners on the basis of scrutiny of the work itself. With the Distinction 3 grade set to equal the A Level A grade, and the Distinction 1 top grade set by expert examiner judgement, the Distinction 2 grade was set arithmetically, anchored securely on either side.

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