0486 (from 2015) Why don't the 2015 Specimen Papers contain questions on the Set Texts?

Due to the fact that we set questions on each of our Set Texts across three time zones, twice a year for each of the three years that a text is on our syllabus, we do not provide sample questions pertaining to all of these texts on our Specimen Papers. Doing so would limit the amount of available material to set questions from which pose an appropriate level of challenge for candidates, whilst still allowing them the opportunity to fulfil each of the Assessment Objectives.

This is stated on page three of each Specimen Paper, which directs teachers to the relevant syllabus for the list of specific Set Texts for the year of entry. There are no plans to update these unless the structure of the assessment itself changes.

Teachers will find a wealth of past papers on the School Support Hub from which they will be able to glean the kind of questions asked in previous series, and use their own professional judgement to infer the questions which might be asked on their chosen Set Texts. There are also mock questions devised by teachers in other schools for specific Set Texts which have been uploaded to the ‘Resources’ section of the School Support Hub.

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