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What examinations do Key Times and administrative zones apply to?

Examinations must be taken in the morning or afternoon timetable session as shown on the final timetable.

All candidates entered for examinations in a session must be under Full Centre Supervision at the Key Time. If schools timetable examinations after the Key Time, candidates must be kept under Full Centre Supervision from the Key Time until the candidates start the examination; or if the candidates have already completed the examination, they must be kept under Full Centre Supervision until the Key Time.

There is one Key Time for the morning session and a second Key Time for the afternoon session. Your Key Times can be found on the Key Times webpage at and are expressed as both local time and GMT/UTC. Schools are responsible for making sure that any local Daylight Saving Time (DST) is allowed for.

Our interactive tutorial here explains some of the main regulations for timetabling examinations and will assist examinations officers in implementing them in their school. 

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