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Is a Human reader permitted for 0500?

A human reader is not permitted for any part of the IGCSE First Language English 0500 qualification. If candidates are eligible for a reader, you are able to apply for the following non-delegated access arrangements via an Access Arrangement Preparation - Form 1 found here:

  • Computer reader
  • 50% extra time

Please note: If you already have JCQ approval for non-delegated arrangements you only need to complete the first page of the Access Arrangement Form 1 and attach your JCQ approval in place of the rest of this form.

Alternatively, centres are allowed to use the following centre-delegated access arrangements without prior permission from Cambridge via a Centre Delegated Access Arrangement Preparation Form 4 found here:

  • Reading pen
  • Separate invigilation - read aloud

Please refer to section 1.3 of the Cambridge Handbook here for further Information.

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