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What do I do if I haven't received administrative materials for returning coursework/speaking test samples?

Cambridge provides bar coded labels to return candidates' coursework/speaking test samples. If your school does not receive bar coded labels in time, please write the following information on the envelopes:

  • centre number
  • syllabus and component of work enclosed
  • number of candidates' work enclosed
  • Please return your samples by a delivery method with a tracking facility, using the Coursework Address Labels here.
  • You should enclose a printout of your Internally Assessed Marks
    Report with each sample.
  • Please ensure that you enclose the relevant paperwork from the back of the syllabus. eg. Coursework Assessment Summary Form, Oral Examination Summary Form and/or Individual Candidate Record Cards.
  • Coursework identification labels to identify candidates' work can be found here on our website.
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