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Final Entries - FAQs

What are final entries?

You need to submit a syllabus entry for every candidate who is planning to take an exam in the relevant exam series. We use your final entries to work out the number of question papers and exam materials, such as attendance registers and bar-coded labels, we need to send you.

Where do I find details on how to make entries?

The Cambridge Guide to Making Entries provides all the information you need to make final entries for each series, including details of the relevant option codes for each syllabus. A video tutorial is also available on our website, which explains how to find the entry information you need in the Cambridge Guide to Making Entries.

The Guide to Making Entries will be sent to your school in hard copy, but can be downloaded from the Support Materials section of Cambridge International DirectGuide to Making Entries booklets for the June series are despatched in October of the previous year. Guide to Making Entries booklets for the November series are despatched in March of the same year. Please make sure you use the correct version of the Guide to Making Entries when submitting your final entries.

What are the deadlines for submitting final entries?

All entries must reach us by:




June exam series 21st February 21st February
November exam series (first time entries) 16th August 21st September
November exam series (retake entries) 21st September 21st September

After these dates any further entries or amendments will be subject to late entry fees. Please refer to the relevant fees list, which can be found in the My Messages section of Direct, for more information.

Please submit your final entries at least two weeks before the entries deadline. This will give you time to check your entries and submit any entry amendments to us before the deadline without being charged late fees.

What are the entry fees?

We charge an entry fee per syllabus per student.

Our fees lists are available to download under the My Messages section of Direct.

Parents and learners should contact the exams officer at their school or centre for more information on fees.

Can schools make amendments to their final entries?

We will accept entry amendments provided that the appropriate late entry fees are paid (if amendments are submitted after the final entry deadline), until the following dates:

• 11 March for May exam series (Checkpoint)
• 17 April for June exam series (General Qualifications)
• 16 September for October exam series (Checkpoint)
• 21 September for November exam series (General Qualifications)

We cannot guarantee to accept entries or amendments after these dates because there may not be sufficient time to provide schools with the question papers and administrative documents required to conduct the exams. Any requests after these dates will be dealt with as very late entries on a case by case basis. 

Amendments to syllabus entries and/or options that are received after the closing date for entries are subject to a late entry fee. You can find details of the late entry fee rates in the Fees List available from the My Messages section of Direct.

For more information, please refer to the relevant section of the Cambridge Handbook, which can be downloaded from our website.

How do I make amendments to final entries?

Direct will show all final entries submitted by your school. Amendments to entries can be made at any time before the final entry deadline. After the deadline, any amendments will incur a late fee. For more information on these fees, please refer to the relevant fees list.

If you need to make amendments to your final entries please follow the instructions below:

  • If you have submitted your entries online using the entries dashboard on Direct, you can make the required changes online and submit the amendments to Cambridge on the 'Amendments to Submit' tab.
  • If you are a UK school and you are using an MIS system, you should generate an entry amendment file and submit this to us. Please contact your MIS provider if you are unsure how to do this.
  • If you are using the Final Entry Form, all entry amendments should be submitted by amending the original Entry Form and submitting the revised version to us. Please identify the revised Entry Form as amendments.

Can I make late entries or amendments?

We will charge late entry fees for any entries received after the final entry closing date. Late entry fees will also be charged for changes to entry options (entry amendments) received after the final entry deadline. For more details of the fees that apply to late entries, please refer to the relevant fees list, which can be downloaded under the My Messages section of Direct.

How do I confirm my entries are correct?

You can check your entries are correct using Direct. Click on Administer Exams and then Reports and you will be able to see all entries that your school has made. Direct will be updated approximately 24 to 48 hours after your entries have been processed.

Important: The student name shown on their Statement of Entry is the name that will be printed on statements of results and final certificates. It is important that students confirm that the name shown is in the correct format at this stage. We charge an administrative fee for making amendments to certificates after they are produced. You must give students, including private candidates, the opportunity to check all details recorded on their Statement of Entry.

UK schools do not receive hard copy Statements of Entry.

Once your entries have been processed, you will also receive the following confirmation documents in hard copy to verify the entries have been received:

  • Student entry list: This provides a summary of all entries made for the school, listing each student and the syllabus and options for which they have been entered.
  • Centre summary of entries: This shows the total number of entries made for each syllabus and option.
  • Centre entry warning list: This provides a warning of potential timetable clashes for individual students.

You should send all name and date of birth amendments to us as soon as you have completed the check. After the late entries deadline, all name and date of birth amendments will need to be emailed to us.



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